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Easy Dental Implant Center provides cutting edge and comfortable dental care to maintain and regain your oral health. From the basics of routine check-ups and cleaning to the complexities of dental surgeries and implants, we always use the latest dental technologies to ensure the best quality outcome in as few visits as possible.

Easy Dental team is dedicated to restoring smile and proper dental functions for each and every patient by offering affordable and accessible care with various financing options.



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We carefully remove the teeth that will be treated with implants to preserve as much amount of jaw bone as possible.  After the teeth have been removed, the now-empty area is thoroughly cleaned to prevent any infections.


Before the placement of the dental implant, we take 3D CT scans of your mouth to determine the exact location of your implant to avoid any complications.  Every implant goes through 3D simulation for accurate positioning.  We only use implants of the highest quality to ensure that you will have the best possible results by having a good, solid connection between your dental implant and your jaw bone (this is called osseointegration).


Your (jaw)bone is very important because it provides a solid foundation for the implant.  Some of you may not have strong enough bone for dental implants, usually when you have had missing teeth for an extended period of time.  If this is the case, we graft bone materials into your bone before placing the implants to make sure that you have adequate amount of healthy bone for osseointegration (see the section under Implant).


Maxillary sinuses are balloon-like structures filled with air, found inside your cheekbones and above your upper jaw. They can move around and thin out your upper jaw bone, resulting in a weak foundation for implants to be placed. If this is the case, we will move your sinus upward and provide space for bone graft materials to make sure that you have adequate amount of healthy bone for osseointegration (see the section under Implant). It may take up to six months for the grafted materials to heal completely.


Once the implants are in place, we use a connecting material (called an abutment) to link the implant with the crown, a tooth-shaped cap. Each crown is custom-made. We provide you with functional and esthetic restoration/crown.


Easy Dental provides general check-up, cleaning, veneers, white fillings, crowns, root canal therapy procedures.

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Word on the Street

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I ended up at Dr.P's office after my first dentist botched a root canal and tried to hard sell me on treatment costing over $5,000. Dr. P was very clear and explained to me that I do not have to go through add on treatment. I paid less than $2000 for my entire treatment including implant. I am very happy. I respect her honesty and professionalism. Thank you, Dr.P and Stacey!

Jason T.

Dr. Pyo has excellent chairside manner. The price for implant and bone graft are very reasonable too. I thought it was going to be more expensive because of the fancy looking interiors, but wow! Also her staff followed me up very promptly after the procedure too. Highly recommend.

Junil K.

Absolutely satisfied with my implants. Stepped in without particular expectations, but super happy with the result. Dr Pyo did a great job and Stacey was more than helpful. Warmly recommended!!

Francis J.



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